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MESH Geometry Studio and Consultancy

MESH Consultants Inc. is a Toronto-based geometry studio and consultancy, founded in 2012. We are mathematicians and developers. We help designers, architects, scientists, artists and entrepreneurs realize geometrically challenging projects. We build software (our own, or custom projects for clients), develop algorithms, run simulations, conduct research projects, and generally consult on all matters geometric.

We've worked across a variety of industries:

  • Architecture, Engineering and Construction

  • Advanced Manufacturing (Digital Fabrication & Additive Manufacturing)

  • Energy (Geology Research Simulation)

  • Art (Parametic Model Creation, Installation simulation)

  • Advertising (VR & Projection Mapping)


MESH is Daniel Hambleton and Elissa Ross. We love to talk geometry, please get in touch!


Daniel Hambleton MSc | Director, PARTNER

Daniel Hambleton is the Director of MESH Consultants Inc., a Toronto based consulting firm that offers Applied Mathematics and Development services to the Digital Design Industry. He has worked extensively across a variety of markets, such as: Architecture, Product Design, Energy, Software Development, and Engineering. Although his research is focused Computational Geometry and Simulation, he has extensive experience with interdisciplinary projects and unique collaborations.



Elissa Ross PhD | Partner

Elissa Ross studied fine art before earning a PhD in mathematics from York University (Toronto) where her research focused on the rigidity and flexibility of periodic (repetitive) structures. She has expertise in computational geometry, graph theory and tilings/patterns, and a long history of collaborative and interdisciplinary projects.

At MESH, Elissa conducts research in architectural geometry and shape modelling, adds to the breadth of the geometry consulting services, and develops in-house tools for 3D geometry applications. Her current research is concerned with topology optimization techniques for 3D printing trabecular bone. Previous work has focused on modelling crystal growth via mesh front-tracking algorithms, developing methods for precise offsetting of polygonal meshes for CAD applications, and generating meshes based on a "skeleton" input.



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